Aluminium treatment

Preliminary remark :  Aluminium surfaces become covered quickly with oxide layer (aluminium oxide) that protects naturally metal against corrosion. That colourless layer is not suitable for paint adhesion. That’s why the surface must be carefully prepared : Clean it and make it rough to improve adhesion of primer.


  • Work in a well ventilated area.
  • Wear appropriate protective clothing, gloves, glasses and mask.


  • Clean the surface with soap, neutral or faintly caustic washing liquid (like diluted St Marc). Rinse with fresh water.
  • If there is oil or fat, wash the surface with  Nautix SD DEGREASER. 


  • Remove completely superficial oxidation by mechanical scouring.
  • If possible, go on with sandblasting (medium or large grit). Otherwise use fiber discs with zirconium oxide, corundum or ceramic (P40 or 60 grit for optimum result).  The resulting surface must be uniform, lightly dulled and rough. Do not let any shinny or smooth areas.
  • Never use steel wool or wire brush.
  • Rinse with fresh water, let dry thoroughly and overcoat with primer asap (2-3 hours max).
  • In case of prolonged waiting time after scouring, it is recommended to remove oxidation on surface with SCOURING ACID before paint applciation. Let work for 20 minutes and rinse copiously with fresh water.


  • To get the best adhesion, apply one thin coat of Metapox adhesion promoter or PA anticorrosion primer.
  • Let dry for few hours and overcoat with protective primer.

If you choose as adhesion primer : 
Metapox : Overcoat with epoxy protective primer : Epoxygard.
PA : Overcoat with 1-component protective primer : PA.


  • shapes very strong protective film with high-resistance to abrasion, particularly efficient against moisture.
  • Apply 1 coat (150µm wet) : improves antifouling adhesion. Apply 4-5 coats : provides an optimum protection against moisture.
  • Succession of layers : Not necessary to sand between layers (report to product TDS)
  • Recommandations : Always control temperatures and hygromety to get the best results