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Hard matrix antifouling – For propellers and Z-drives


Nautix A7T.SpeedTM is hard matrix antifouling especially developed for propellers and Z-drives previously protected. It maintains the propeller in a clean condition ensuring correct balance thus reducing vibration and wear of through-hull seals.
Spray allows easy application on inaccessible areas and smooth finish.

Antifouling contains biocides Use antifouling products with care. Before use, read safety information on the label. Should only be wet sanded.

Other information :
Pack sizes : 0.35L / 0.75L / 2.5L / 0.5L spray
Thinner/Cleaner : DA
Substrates : metal
Suitable for high speed craft : Yes

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safety data sheet

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) are legal and official information detailed in 16 points on the product potential hazards. They mainly concern the carriers, the professionals storing and using our products. If you are in this situation, please complete the following information to receive the product MSDS.


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