Choose your enamel

Topcoats will be the final result of your preparation. One or two pack finishing systems will enhance your boat but also provide long lasting protective barrier against natural elements (as sun, rain and wind) or rub abrasion.

Topcoats do not fill holes or scratches. They must be applied on a dry and sanded well prepared substrate. Prior finishing paint, application of an appropriate undercoat, filling and sanding jobs are essential to obtain a plain substrate.

Single-pot paints dry or harden through solvent evaporation which makes it impossible to apply a large thickness in one layer, because the external surface of the film dries before the solvents contained inside paint film can evaporate.

Two-pack paints “dry” by polymerization between the base resin and the hardener. This major feature makes it possible to apply a significant thickness of a two-pack enamel in a single layer, which will turn perfectly hard, and be highly resistant to abrasion and impact.

In case of rubbing scratches can be easily repaired.