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2-pack cool marine finishing paint with low heat absorption


Coolblack is part of an innovative high performance Nautix paint system designed for yachting. It consists in a white 2-Component epoxy primer (U2) and a black 2-Component polyurethane coating (COOLBLACK).
Thanks to its special pigment, heat absorption is reduced by 35% compared to normal black paint. Dark composite structures (carbon, glassfibre,...) have improved long lasting protection, and don’t suffer post-baking. Black yachts will also benefit from better insulation and a cooler atmosphere in the cabin, reducing the need for air conditioning.

Other information :
Application for professionals only : Spraygun
Pack sizes : 0.75L / 2L 
Mixing ratio (volume) : 3 base / 1 hardener 
Thinner/Cleaner : DP 
Substrates : GRP / plywood / steel / carbon

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