Nautix bacterclean 0.25L flacon

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BACTERCLEAN disinfectant


BACTERCLEAN is an antibacterial product which has been developed to disinfect neoprene clothing and nautical supplies.

Easy to use (no need to rinse after use), BACTERCLEAN will disinfect deeply and durably your wetsuits (for surfing, diving, windsurfing, sea wading and all other water-sport activities) to get a perfect hygiene once dried.

This product is widely used in water-sport clubs.

Other information : 
- Easy to use, and no need to rinse after use
- Eucalyptus perfume
- Disinfect deeply and durably your wetsuits ((surfing, diving, windsurfing, sea wading, all other water-sport activities,...)
- Pack sizes  : 0.25L / 1L / 5L 

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