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Ending of the Vendée Globe 2016-2017


Ending of the 8th edition of the Vendée Globe

Here’s a stat we like: No fewer than 24 of the 29 boats competing in the Vendée Globe, which left Les Sables d’Olonne on 6 November 2016, had at least one coat of Nautix paint. And that makes us immensely proud because this ocean race has been part of our DNA since we started, back in 1980.

A circumnavigation of 24,000 nautical miles is a fantastic test bench for our products, especially since the guys using them – Armel Le Cléac'hAlex ThomsonJean-Pierre Dick, or Jean Le Cam,... – are very demanding. So when they asked us to provide coatings for their sailing thoroughbreds, it was a rewarding expression of confidence in the entire team.

In total, the six new foilers designed by VPLP/Verdier have placed their trust in Nautix. The 60’ IMOCAs have become incredibly sophisticated machines and require very special products, in particular for the foils, which is why we developed an extremely tough paint that resists all kinds of abrasion.

Nautix paints on 2 first places of the podium

1st  : Banque Poluaire skipped by Armel le Cléac'h
This boat was definitively painted with full Nautix system : Hull, keel, daggerboards, foils, freddboard, deck,... :
     - A4T.Speed antifouling on hull & keel.
     - PE and Epoxygard primers on the hull, freeboard, and deck.
     - Nx194 on the foils.
     - L2 finishing paint and Nautix Grip non-skid paint on deck

Here’s what Pierre Emmanuel Hérissé, technical director of Team Banque Populaire, has to say: “Early in the design stage of BP8 we decided on protecting the composite with Nautix’s impregnation system, epoxy primer and antifouling. The hull and appendages came back from the last Vendée Globe as clean as a whistle. I can assure you we’ll be using A4T.Speed on our next Ultimate class trimaran.”- ... 

2nd : Hugo Boss skipped by Alex Thomson
Here is the proff that British can be confident in French expertise for ocean racing, because they chose full Nautix underwatersystem. Indeed, Alex Thomson chose Nautix White T.Speed for the hull (black), the keel and the rudders (yellow fluo), peviously coated with Nautix PE epoxy primer, and Nautix Nx194 custom hard epoxy paint for the foils.

Crédits : V.Curutchet / DPPI / SMA 

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