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ACRALU definitively replaced with METAPOX


Acralu : Definitively replaced with Metapox

Evolution of regulations forces us to stop the production of Nautix Acralu. This has already been replaced with a more simple and efficient coating : Metapox, a new-generation adhesion promoter that can be applied over most of metal substrates and can only be overcoated with epoxy system.

This colourless non-film-forming product prepares chemically the metal surfaces to epoxy bonding, and offers a simple, fast and reliable solution to epoxy-to-metal adhesion issues.

Metapox has been adopted by many shipyards for more than 3 years over different substrates, such as aluminum or steel boats, metal keels,...

Adhesion promoter for epoxy coatings over metal surfaces
-  Pack sizes : 0.5L / 1L
-  Colour : translucent
-  Cleaner : DP
-  Substrates : Metal (steel, aluminium, stainless steel, zinc, bronze)
-  Coverage (brush) : 15-20m²/L (sandblasted surface) or 20-30m²/L (sanded surface)

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