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June : Are you ready for the "Spring" refit ?


June : Are you ready for the "spring" refit ?

If you’ve made plans for a complete refit or have to prepare a new boat, then you need to start thinking about hull protection before summer time. 

Epoxygard is an innovative solution that many shipyards are adopting. It offers users a long re-coat period without sanding so you can optimize your working time.

Our tip: Protect your gelcoat by applying several coats of primer to decelerate water penetration. We recommend the application of four or five coats of Epoxygard  to prevent osmosis.

When it comes to metal – and in particular aluminium – we suggest, after sanding with grit 36–40, to spray on our adhesion promoter Metapox to enhance grip for the Epoxygard and A1 antifouling. Take care to adhere strictly to re-coat times to avoid oxidation. Visit our website at to get more advice.   

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