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Slip resistant additive for topsides finishes


Nautix non-skid compounds are slip resistant powder that can be added to topside finishes prior to application. The selection of different size grid improves foot adhesion on deck, and these additives do not affect finish drying times. There are 2 different versions : Medium & Hard.

Tested successfully on various boats during the last Vendée Globe (Jean Le Cam, Romain Attanasio, Conrad Colman), the very effective nonslip additive “Medium” is gentle on waterproofs and lines. It is used mainly for decks.

For areas subject to heavy traffic, such as companionways and cockpits, choose the “hard” version.

Other information :
Application : above the waterline
Pack sizes :
- Medium : 0.1kg / 0.25kg
- Hard : 0.2kg / 1kg

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