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Painting an aluminium hull

ACTION 1-component
1 - Preparation Degrease Nautix SD degreaser Nautix SD degreaser
Sand P40 grade paper or chemical
preparation with Scouring Acid
P40 grade paper or chemical
preparation with Scouring Acid
Rinse Fresh water Fresh water
2 - Adhesion 1 thin coat   METAPOX (1-comp)
15-20m²/L (sandblast) or 20-30m²/L (sand)
3 - Primer 1 coat PA - 12m²/L EPOXYGARD - 7m²/L
or HPE - 8m²/L
4 - Filler   (optional) Fair / Fill WATERTIGHT epoxy filler WATERTIGHT epoxy filler
5 - Primer 3 coats min PA - 12m²/L EPOXYGARD - 7m²/L
or HPE - 8m²/L
6 - Antifouling 2 coats A1 (12m²/L - copper)
or A2 (8.5m²/L copper free) 
A1 (12m²/L - copper)
or A2 (8.5m²/L copper free)