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Epoxy primer - High-build


Nautix HPE is a 2-part epoxy primer with a high-build capacity providing outstanding adhesion and protection features over fibreglass or metal substrates.
Easy to apply and to sand, this primer is especially adapted to marine environment.

Applied in 1 layer, it helps for antifouling adhesion.
Applied in 2 layers, it offers protection against abrasion.
Applied in 3-5 layers, it provides high-protection against moisture.
This primer can also be applied above the waterline as undercoat for finishes.

Other information :
Pack sizes : 0.75L / 2.5L / 5L / 20L
Mixing ratio (volume) : 3 base / 1 hardener
Thinner/Cleaner : DE
Substrates : GRP / wood / metal

Vidéo : How to apply HPE epoxy primer

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