Removing antifouling

1 - Preparation Clean Fresh water (High-pressure water system)
2 - Stripping Apply Nautix STRIPPER with a tapestry brush (3-4m²/L for 1 thick layer)
Impregnation Minimum 30 minutes 
Scrap Soft scraper
3 - Cleaning Degrease Nautix SD Degreaser

Information :

 If your existing antifouling is in poor condition, we recommend removing it completely before repainting. Nautix STRIPPER has been formulated for removing antifouling from all substrates and is safe to use on glass fibre without harming the gelcoat.

  • One application is suitable for 2-3 layers of antifouling.
  • This operation must be renewed depending on film thickness.
  • Nautix STRIPPER removes enamels, varnishes, non-skid grip and one pack primers.