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Renewing varnishes

2 possible systems : 1-Component or 2-Component 

ACTION 1-Component 2-Component
1 - Preparation Degrease Nautix SD Degreaser Nautix SD Degreaser
Sand P400 grade paper P400 grade paper
Clean Remove dust Remove dust
2 - Varnish 2 coats min STARWOOD - 14 m²/L
sand with P400 gade paper between layers 
VA2 - 9 m²/L
sand with P400 gade paper between layers  

Some key points

  • Varnishes application must be done in dry and well ventilated conditions because air movement will assist the drying process. However it’s preferable to work in a dust-free environment to achieving a good quality gloss finish.
  • To limit the risk of dust contamination, it’s recommended to make light-sanding between each coat, to remove residual dust by cleaning with a suitable solvent, and to allow to dry before any new application. This will also help improve the initial aesthetics.
  • If possible, do not apply 2-component varnishes late in the afternoon or when relative humidity exceeds 80% as these products are particularly sensitive to moisture. If condensation appears during application, or if ambient temperature decreases due to overnight, this can affect the chemical cure of varnish resulting in loss of gloss.
  • If the ambient temperature is increasing (or predicted to increase) significantly, do not apply varnishes over wooden substrates. This is because rising temperatures cause wood to expand, which can lead to blisters forming in the varnish film. A good tip is to apply when the temperature is falling, as the wood will better absorb the paint or varnish, giving better overall results.